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Navigating The Paleo Diet
crops. As I mentioned above, they hunted and gathered. They
followed the food. They didn't sit around playing on their Apple
iStone Tablet. If they did, they'd starve!

   So all that sugar being consumed in the modern diet, which is
bad enough, isn't even burned off because of sedentary lifestyles.

    Which means energy spikes and crashes, and related health
         problems such as diabetes and blood pressure issues.

One of the big myths that the Paleo diet has helped to dispel is
the outdated notion of eating fat makes you fat.

This was a big deal when the high carbohydrate craze started in
the eighties and you had everyone obsessed with the amount of
fat calories they were eating. Almost every food in existence
ended up with a low-fat or no-fat version. But most of that fat
got replaced with sugar!

Fat is a crucial nutrient when it comes to our health. Dietary fat
is needed for an optimal, well-functioning and healthy body. It's
all the chemicals, preservatives and added sugar in our diets that


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