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From : [Insert Name Here]
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Dear Friend,

If you look around, more and more online businesses and huge websites are starting to implement a VERY lucrative and effective strategy.

This powerful strategy consist in displaying content in their websites based solely on GEO.

For example, content that’s specific for Australia will show only to people that are connected from Australia.

That’s a very clever strategy because you are targeting a specific target market – weeding out people that are not interested or has nothing to do with the content you are offering.



Can You See The Potential With This Approach?

By being specific and targeting the right audience you can dramatically improve the success of your online business and generate more commissions.

In case you want to do email marketing, that will work wonderful as well.
If you are offering services, this approach will get you better clients and make you more money at the end of the month.

Bottom line is:
It doesn’t matter what kind of online business you run… Targeting the right people will get you a long way.


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Now, before we get into HOW you can get your hands into this “marketing weapon”, I will briefly explain you how I was so desperate that I literally had to COME UP with this tool or starve.

A Few Months Ago I Was Doing What Everyone Was doing:

Not very long ago I had some blogs that were bringing some traffic and making some sales, but nothing groundbreaking.

I was fired from my ridiculous 9-5 job and needed badly money before the end of the month.

Bills were rapidly piling up and the sole fact of looking at them were enough to make my dizzy.

Problem was…

My blogs where not making enough money.

I started to think about different ways to “improve” my blogs and make them more enticing, but I failed miserably.
I desperately need cash or else I would starve.

After days (and many nights) of intense research, I discovered that big and huge websites were using geotargeting with amazing results…

So logically, I developed a Wordpress plugin that would exactly take advantage of this new marketing approach.

After Using It For Several Weeks, My Jaw Literally drop:
I Was Able To Make More Money And Literally Saved Me From The Desperate Situation I Was Experiencing!

I couldn’t believe it, but it WORKED like a charm.

Naturally, the next step was perfecting and fine-tuning my plugin in order to make it more effective.

The results were nothing short of amazing.

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This is very simple.

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Show content based on Geo (country, state, city)


Statistics based on content (view, time, location, etc)


High accuracy IP to location data


Easy to use and to install.

Basically, this slick and practical plugin will allow you to make more comissions, get more tageted traffic and it will TRANSFORM your current online business.

The results you can get with WP Simple GEO are staggering.

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