Webinar Authority
Set up your webinar tools
Your computer
Multiple cores  
Lots of RAM  
Installed programs for presenting information
Microsoft Office  
Anything you plan to use at the webinar  
Your webcam
Your internet connection
Wired not Wi-Fi
Your microphone
High quality (like the Blue Yeti for example)  
Paired with headphones to prevent feedback  
Your Platform
Choose which platform you want to use
Choose which tier you want to pay for  
Get to know your new platform  
Choose your topic
Within the niche that you work in.
Something you are an expert on already  
Something that can be taught via a webinar  
Something people are searching for  
Something that you can easily monetize  
Begin promoting your webinar
Set up a page on your website that advertises your webinar.
Make an email sign up form  2-4 Fields.
Begin emailing those on your list at 60 days in advance.
Consider multiple campaigns, based several days apart
Increase emails as the webinar gets closer
Most attendees sign up in the last week of registration
Use other promotion or advertising methods to get the word out
Email signatures  
Forum signatures
Banner advertising  
Google Adwords  
Prepare your presentation
Write a script
30-45 minutes is the perfect length
Include time for questions too (additional 15-30 minutes)
Prepare your multimedia for the webinar
PowerPoint slides  
Tutorial steps  
Bookmark webpages you’ll need to visit   
Practice Your Presentation
Record yourself and review
ii. Improve performance each time
Improve performance each time  
Manage questions
Decide how you want to take questions
At the beginning
In the middle  
At the end  
Several times throughout the presentation  
Prepare your answers in advance
Don’t limit yourself – just be prepared  
Prepare a few answers to questions you’ll probably get.
Consider getting some help with questions 
See the section below on getting help  
Check out your platform to determine what your options are
Social media  
Chat room for questions on the application
Questions sent to mobile device via platform  
Questions posted before the presentation begins
Many more options  
Become more engaging 
Record yourself and find out where you need to improve
Gift free gifts with your webinar  
Take acting classes to learn better public speaking
Attend other webinars so that you can see how others do it
Consider getting some help
Consider co-hosting your webinar or getting a guest speaker
Consider hiring (or recruiting) staff  
Moderator – can field questions and help answer them
Promotional manager – someone whose job it is to get as many attendees as possible
Social media manager – helps post on social media before and during the webinar
Monetize your webinar
Decide how you want to monetize
Charge admission for your webinar
Alternative income streams  
Publish an eBook and promote it during the webinar
Create a sales page and sell your own product
Sell your own product on Clickbank as well    
Check out other unique ideas for monetizing your webinar
Create a sales page and sell a Clickbank product
Get people to want to return for a future webinar
Give them a gift for coming the next time
Ask them during your webinar if they want to sign up for the next one
Try keeping your topic a secret and offering the first 25 people free admission
Keep your webinars consistent   
1 per week
6 webinars per year
1 every 60 days  
2 per month  
Make sure they know how good it will be   
Monetize prior webinars as well
Consider uploading the videos to YouTube and promoting them heavily
Create a huge “course” with all of the past webinars you have done
List it on Clickbank
Make your own sales page  
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