Help Section of CB Text Ad Generator 1.0

Section 1: How to install
Section 2: Understanding the Application

Section 1: How to install

The installation is very easy. It's a step-by-step process. You just need to double-click on the "" and follow the instructions.

Section 1: Understanding the Software

The software helps in better planning to increase the targeted traffic towards your affiliate's site. IT finds the sponsored words on your website pages or articles published on Internet for Click bank Products . And Link it with your affiliate Id.

Watch our step-by-step video to see how it works!!.

click here for full screen flash demo

The functionalities are explained below:

1) Methods of Adding ClickBank Links:

The links can be added in following way


i) Parse Single File:

This will scan individual file for which you want to add ClickBank Products Affiliates Links.

After selecting file from Dialog Box you have to re-select that file from Left Pane of software.

After selecting file from Left Pane of Software please click on Parse Button.

After clicking on parse button parse engine will get started.

After completion of parse engine you will get file parse report in right side of software.
(The parsed file will be saved in same folder with adding "_cbtag" postfix in name of file.
e.g test_cbtag.htm)


If you will face any problem in parse engine to parse your file.
Then your input file may have below problems.
If you correct these problems from your file then software will parse your file more smoothly.

1) Please check that all open tags in your file is closed properly.
2) Please check your tags is written in proper sequence.
3) Please check your file follows max rules of XHTML document.

For XHTML more help visit below site.

Below is one of the method to make your file proper for this software.

Follow the steps below to correct your file.

1. Open the page you want to convert in Microsoft FrontPage.

2. Switch to the HTML view window.

3. Right click in the HTML and choose "Apply XML Formatting Rules".

4. Position your mouse at the top of the screen - above the <html> tag.

5.Insert a valid XHTML doctype:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">



ii) Parsing Whole Folder :

Click on button "Select Folder" you will get small window. Then follow below steps to get result.

When you get small window please select which folder you want to parse.

After selection of folder you have to re-select same folder in left pane of software.

After selecting folder from left pane you have to click on parse button to start parse engine.

After completion of file parsing of selected folder you will get report in right pane of software.
This will show you which files software processed and how many keywords software got in that file.

Software will process only .htm,.html,.php,.asp files.
Processing time will depend how big your file size is and how many keywords software got in each file.

(The new parsed folder will be created "_cbatg" postfix in name of folder. Where you will get all the files and folder under parsed folder. e.g If you selected folder with name "test" then after parsing on same path new folder will get created with name "test_cbtag".)

2) About the Parsed Report:


i) Source File:
The Name of Source file used for input .

ii) Destination File:
The name of output file created by parse engine.

iii) Keywords:
The count of sponsored keyword found in files. or the list of sponsored keywords.

3) Stop Parsing:

You are able to stop parse engine anytime when you want.
Stop the process of file parsing .

After clicking cancel button please allow some time for parse engine to stop it's all processes.

4) Keywords List:

The software will come with predefine set of keywords list. You can add,edit or delete keywords for particular product as per your requirement. The keywords are comma separated.

Select View Keyword List.


i) Id:
ClickBank Product ID

ii) Name:
Clickbank Product Title.

5) Editing Keyword:

Select "keyword List" menu from view menu. Then follow below steps to add,edit or delete keywords..

1) Right Click on Product ID or Title for which you want to add or change keywords.
    You will get menu on right click "Edit Keywords". Please select that one.

2) You will get keywor box. Add,Edit or Delete keywords in keyword box.
    And Click Ok to save Keywords.


(If SoundEx Parsing is enabled then re-create the SoundEx index so changed keywords will get reflected in SoundEX parsing.
If you are not using SoundEX parsing then no need to create any index. For normal parsing it pickup new keywords without re-creation of index file.)

6) Update :

By using this facility you are able to download latest updates from online server.
IF their is some changes in existing products or added new products on clickbank.
Then our team will prepare new keyword file for you and this one you are able to download online.
If their is no new keyword file created then you will not get any new updates.

7) Options :

Configure the parameter used by application.


1) User Agent :
The user agent will be used for parsing file.

2) ClickBank Id :
The Clickbank affiliate ID.

3) Use Custom Color:
    Keyword Text Font Color:
        This color will get apply to all matched keywords.
    Tooltip Background color:
        This color is javascript window color which get displayed on mouse over of linked keyword. This window         shows matched clickbank product Title and Description.
    Tooltip product title font color:
        This color will get apply to clickbank title which shows in javascript popup window on keyword mouse         over.
    Tooltip product description font color:
        This color will get apply to clickbank description which shows in javascript popup window on keyword         mouse over.

4) Play Sound File :
Provide the wave file used to prompt that the parsing completed.

5) SoundEx Parsing :
Check the checkbox to enable Sound Ex Parsing.

Note :
SoundEX will match those keywords that might not look alike, but actually sound alike.
When you ON this feature then it will work on keywords too, which not look alike but sound alike.

If you ON this parsing then file parsing will take more time than normal parsing.Time will depend on file size and number of keyword software will get in file.


7) Getting Started (Help) :

Click on “Getting Started” button if you want to view Help File.


8) System Requirements:


Supported File Types:

HTM,HTML Files / PHP Files / ASP Files

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003
Windows 98, 98SE, ME

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 98/NT


If you require help setting up or using CB Text Ad Generator 1.0 at any time, you can access the online help center 24 hours a day at:

If you need any further assistance, you can access our Technical Support Team at:

I hope you enjoy this exciting new software!

Best of luck!
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