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"Who Else Wants The Best eCovers Without Paying High Graphics Prices"

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Understanding Saving by Using PhotoShop Actions.

Greetings Friend,

Now with ease you can turn out one professional after the other for every new product you have, this low-cost alternative will save you lots of cash from over priced graphics artist.

In fact, a recent study found that the average price for graphics like this is 97.00 and guess what the designers use to create your graphics with? You guessed it right action scripts just like these.

Once you realize that your wallet can't afford to pay 97.00 or more you will turn to searching for the next best thing and you found it right here.... PhotoShop actions are the best.

eCover eCover eCover!

It happens to most all of us....

Completed your newest digital product and it is ready to enter the marketplace. Almost ready...

You need a eCover.

You have lots of hungry customers just waiting to buy your product, but you don't have a image for them to see what your digital product looks like, we know that people buy when they can see what they are buying.

You check around for a graphics person and find that it will cost you at least 97.00 or more to make your product come alive with a eCover graphic.

You certainly DON'T want to lose a lot of potential sales by going with out, but you spent all your money on getting your sales letter and product to top performance. You just don't have the money to buy, but you have the time.

And at times like this, you need a simple easy 2 step system to bail you out. You see PhotoShop actions will create the best looking covers in the market today. Not only do they create the best covers they are also really simple to use.

Create Your eCover

2 easy steps and you can have images like these above - guaranteed!

Single and Double Set Cover
Bar Code
Business Card
CD Case
Single CD
Floppy Disk
CD/DVD Sleeve with Disk

What have you got to lose?

Get these "Lost PhotoShop Actions" Today

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  


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Finally, you can now ditch the graphic designer and keep the cash in your pocket because you can now create your own eCovers easily and profesionally in a matter of minutes even if you're not born a techie person!   . . .


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