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Kingsize Profits - The Fastest Way

Get, Set, Go - Joint Ventures From Start to Finish

Effectively Manage Your JV Proposals

Sending & Receiving JV Proposals

Can I Broadcast Personalized JV Proposals To All My Partners At Once?

How Can I Import JV Prospects Into JV Pro?

What Happened To My Proposals? The Crucial Step

JV Progress – Dynamic Status

View History – Info At Your Finger Tips

Okay! I’ve Sent My Proposal, What’s Next?

Wow! Look At The Statistics!



Joint Venture Professional or JV Pro for short, is a nifty software, capable of handling all your JV proposals from start to finish, proposal to implementation, idea to profits!

JV Pro is a powerful, database driven application that can save you weeks of time and tons of effort by "completely automating" tasks such as:-

  • Sending your Joint Venture Offers

  • Broadcasting your JV proposal to all your JV Partners

  • Receiving JV proposals from other marketers

  • Tracking of JV proposals

  • Monitoring every proposal you send or receive 

  • Detailed "filter" based reporting

    and much, much more...

Explode your sales, get tons of subscribers, attract massive targeted traffic to your website using JV Pro's simple, easy-to-use interface.

Follow the instructions in this manual to install and use JV Pro on your computer.


INSTALLATION                                                                                <Top>

Joint Venture Professional (JV Pro) application software is designed for Microsoft Windows platform. The software has been tested to work perfectly on Windows 98, Me, XP, NT and Windows 2000 platforms.

Simple, 1-Step Installation: Double click the setup package you downloaded to start installation. Choose the folder where you want to install JV Pro on your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.



To send emails from within JV Pro you need to provide your mail server (SMTP) address and your email ID. Some mail servers might also require authentication for every email your send. You can configure JV Pro to use send email by clicking on the “Settings” button at the top of the screen after you install the software.

Type your SMT mail server information. If you are not sure, ask your ISP or your system administrator.

How to create a shortcut to JV Pro on your desktop
  • Right click any blank area on your desktop

  • Select "New" from the menu. Choose "Shortcut" from the next menu

  • A pop window appears. Click "Browse" button and locate JVM.EXE (you will find this in the location where you installed JV Pro software)

  • Click "Open" button

  • Click "Next" and choose a suitable name for your shortcut (JV Pro, for example)

  • Click "Finish" to get a shortcut on your desktop

You can also easily create a desktop shortcut using "Windows Explorer". Open explorer, locate the JVM.EXE (usually in C:\Program Files\jvpro\jvm.exe). Right click, and choose "Send to". From the drop down menu, click "Desktop (create shortcut)". Bingo! JV Pro now appears on your desktop.



Joint Ventures are the lifeblood of today’s marketing. In fact, many online as well as offline marketers are getting windfall profits using various JV techniques. The most common forms of JVs include:-  

1. Product endorsements

2. Emails to each others lists

3. Special discount offers

4. Free products

5. Free/Paid memberships

6. Free/Paid subscriptions

7. Trial offers

JVs are the simplest yet effective way to marketing. If you own a product or service, you can find several other marketers selling to the same target audience. All you have to do is identify these marketers and strike a deal to promote each other’s products.

This is THE fastest way to instant sales and profits for both the partners. Buyers will also benefit by getting a great product at a special price from a well-known person they trust.

GET, SET, GO – JOINT VENTURES FROM START TO FINISH                                                                   <Top>

You or your prospective partner can initiate Joint Ventures. If you start sending JV proposals and actually do a couple of JVs, you will also start getting JV proposals from other marketers.

Typically, you start by identifying several marketers who are dealing with your target market. Serious marketers blast out 20-25 new JV proposals every week (could be more!). Each JV proposal will be personalized with the recipient’s name and a few words about their website and products (check out the bonus products you downloaded along with JV Pro for more detailed information on drafting profitable Joint Venture proposals). 

You can send your JV proposal by email, postal mail, phone or fax. Usually, over 90% of all JVs are initiated using email, with one or two follow-ups by email or phone. This is all it takes to strike a successful JV.

Once you and your partner(s) agree upon the JV proposal, implementation starts. The end, however, depends on the proposed JV agreement.

Similarly, you could also be receiving JV proposals from other interested marketers. This is especially true if your products are popular or if you are an expert in your chosen field or if your website is getting huge targeted traffic. 

Some marketers get a volley of JV emails everyday. Very popular website owners and marketing experts receive hundreds of proposal daily!


JV Pro is the perfect solution to effectively manage all the joint venture proposals you send and receive on a daily basis.

The software’s simple user interface allows you to keep track of unlimited number of JVs you send or receive.

You can send proposals by email from within JV Pro. Each proposal you send or receive will be stored in a stable, robust database of later reference and follow up.

Extensive search capabilities are built into JV Pro to quickly find any joint venture you have initiated, received or followed-up using filters such as your partner’s name, domain name, JV name etc.

Your JV partner details are also stored for later reference and use.

With JV Pro you need not painstakingly look into your email software to find out when you have sent or received the proposal, what was the proposal about, from whom you received the proposal, to whom you sent your proposal, what was the outcome of the proposal and so on.

Just imagine, you are sending 8-10 JV proposals every week. Within 6 months, you would have sent 192-240 proposals. How do you manage all this information? How will you know to whom you have already sent your proposal, who has replied, who requires follow-up?

JV Pro can solve all these problems for you. You can now concentrate more on the development of your products and doing profitable joint ventures instead of wasting your precious time, looking for information about your sent emails, inbox and drafts.


As soon as you start JV Pro software, “Send/Receive New Proposals” window is open by default. Here you can start entering details about the JV you would like to send. The same windows is used to enter details about JV proposals you receive.


Step 1

Proposal Details






You start by choosing whether you want to “Send” or “Receive” a JV proposal using the radio button at the top of the screen. By default, this option is set to “Send”.

Give a suitable name for your proposal and type it in the box provided. Enter name of the product for which you are soliciting JV partners.

In the “From Domain” box, type the domain name of your product. This helps in identifying the proposal later (especially if you own multiple domains).

In “To Domain” box, indicate to which website domain you are sending the JV proposal (example:

Next, select the mode of sending your proposal. You can send your proposal by email, post, phone or fax. If you choose “email”, your proposal will be automatically sent to your partner after you complete this form. If you are sending the proposal in any other form, choose “Other” in the drop-down list and you will be prompted to type the “custom” details.

Next is the most important part. Select the type of joint venture you are proposing from the drop-down list.

Step 2

Partner Profile

In this section, you key-in all the details about your proposed partner. First name is mandatory. Email will become mandatory if you had previously chosen to send this proposal by email.

JV Pro lets you import Partner’s details if you have already sent or received any JV proposal earlier. To import, click “Lookup Profile” button.

Step 3

Proposal Text

This is the box where you type your joint venture proposal text. You can copy and paste text from another application such as your email client, notepad or your word-processing software.

There are two built-in tags you can use here. Wherever in the proposal text you mention, %name% or %email%, JV Pro automatically substitutes with the actual name and email address of your partner. (Note the use of % symbol. The tags must to be enclosed between % symbols for substitution).

Step 4


Check out the details you have entered carefully and click “Submit” button. Your proposal will be saved for later use. If you had chosen to send this proposal by email, JV Pro automatically attempts to send the proposal by email.


If you are sending your proposal by email for the first time using JV Pro, you will be prompted to enter your mail server related details. Usually, JV Pro requires you to provide just your mail server domain or IP address and your email address (ask your system administrator if you do not know your mail server details). If your mail server has been configured to check for username and password for every email you send, then you need to provide those details too.



That’s it. Now you have successfully sent a JV proposal.

The procedure is almost same to receive JV proposal. The difference here is that you have already received a proposal from another marketer (by email, phone, fax or whatever) and you just “copy and paste” that proposal into the “proposal-text” box provided. You can respond to the proposals you receive later.

In 4 easy steps, you have created a JV proposal.

Give a name to your proposal…key-in partner’s contact information…type the proposal text and hit “Submit”… Your proposal is stored and optionally sent by email immediately.

“So, what?” You might ask.  

Well, here’s the next section that makes you dance a samba!



Of course you can!

JV Pro has a built-in "Broadcast" capability you can use to blast your JV proposal to all or select JV partners at once. What's more, you can even personalize your proposal text with your partner's name and email address.

Click the "Broadcast" button. "Proposal Broadcast" window will open.

Key-in optional details such as proposal name, product name and select the JV-type you want.

In the Partner Profile grid, select all the partners whom you want the proposal to be sent. In the "Proposal Text Box" type or paste your JV offer. Here, you can personalize the proposal using tags.

Wherever you want your partner's name and email in the proposal text, type %name% and %email% respectively. JV Pro will automatically substitute these tags with partner's actual name and email address from the database.

Click the button to broadcast your JV proposal to selected recipients. You can also personalize the subject using the above tags.

Depending on the speed of your Net connection, your mail server settings and the number of proposals to be sent, it takes several minutes to broadcast your proposal. Typically, JV Pro can blast out 100 proposals in a minute! 



JV Pro allows you to import your JV prospects easily and quickly. Click "Profile Entry" button at the top of the screen to open "Partner Profile" window.

Here, you can type individual partner's information or import your partner's name and email address from any text file. 

The text file you are importing from should list partner's name and email address, seperated by a comma (for eg., firstname,, one record per line. If you have a text file ready, click "Import Profiles" and select the file. If you want to paste the names and email addresses from another application, click "Sample Textfile" to open a new text file window. Paste the names here, edit if required and click "File->Save As" button from the menu to save your new profile text to a temporary folder. Then click "Import Profiles" and select the text file you just saved to import.


WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PROPOSALS? THE CRUCIAL STEP                                                                       <Top>

Now you have very powerful application that takes care of sending and receiving joint venture proposals. All the information is stored safely in the JV Pro database.

Click on “Status Form” button at the top right corner. The screen changes to the “Proposal Status” windows. This is your JV control panel.

Here, you can view all the proposals you have sent or received. You can apply filters to view proposals based on a particular domain or between any two dates. Select or type the filter you want to use and click “Show Details” button to display the proposals fulfilling the filter criteria.

The “grid” just below the “Show Details” button gets filled up with the proposal details. Here you can browse through the proposals. Use arrow keys at the bottom of the grid to move left to right. 

While you are browsing the proposals, you can click the “hyperlink” at the right side end to view the proposal text in its entirety.


JV PROGRESS - DYNAMIC STATUS                        <Top>

The most important function on the Status screen is the “Proposal Status” column. Click any proposal on this column. You will be prompted with a drop down list. This is a very important part.

The status of that particular can be changed here. By default, the status of every proposal you send will be “Proposal Sent – Awaiting Response” and the default status of every proposal you receive will be set to “Proposal Received – Reply Pending”.

While you are using JV Pro to send and receive proposals, follow-up, sending reply and receiving reply, the status automatically changes. However, you can overrule the status anytime by clicking on the “Status” column of the selected proposal.

Joint Venture Status

Sent Proposals

Received Proposals

Proposal Sent – Awaiting Response

Proposal Received – Reply Pending

Follow up

Response Received – Reply Pending

Response Received – Reply Pending

Replied – Awaiting Response

Replied – Awaiting Response

Try Later

Try Later

Not Interested

Not Interested

No Response

No Response






You can use this option to set the status of individual proposals you send or receive on a daily basis. Depending on the status of the proposals, JV Pro can automatically generate a detailed report. More about reporting later in this guide.



Every proposal you send or receive is stored securely in the JV Pro Database. Each and every follow up, reply, response is stored. The entire communication of every individual proposal can be viewed anytime by selecting the required proposal and clicking the “View History” button.

When you click this button, a new pop-up window will open with full history of the selected proposal from start, till date. On this window, you can optionally send the proposal by email again. 



After you send your proposal, if the other party does not respond within a week, you can optionally initiate a follow-up.

Usually, joint ventures will get finalized on second or third follow-up.

On the “Proposal Status” control panel, there are three other buttons:-

  • Follow-up

  • Receive Reply

  • Send Reply  


Do NOT forget to click on “Save” button at the bottom of the screen to confirm any changes you have made before you close the application.

Choose the proposal you want from the list displayed by clicking on the “Select” column radio button. Now the proposal is selected.

Click “Follow-up” and a new window pop-up. From this window, you can send follow-up emails. Just type the text and hit “Send”. Again, this full information is tied and stored along with the original proposal. You can later refer the proposal and follow-ups you have made by clicking on “View History” button.

By clicking “Receive Reply” you can key-in the response you have received from your proposal’s recipient. Any information you provide here will be tied to the original proposal so that you can refer later using “View History” button. 

“Send Reply” button is send additional information to your recipient. This helps you reply to any queries you have received from your partner.


JV Pro has stored all the proposals, follow-ups and replies you have sent and received. Now is the time to check out the powerful reporting features of JV Pro. How many proposals are pending reply? How many proposals are successful? How many proposals I’ve sent for various types of JVs? How many JVs have I done with a particular domain or product?

JV Pro’s new and powerful reporting engine answers all these important questions for you. Select the filters you want and click “Show Details” on the “Details Report” screen.

This report generator allows you to filter proposals sent or received using a combination of search criteria such as proposals sent or received between any two dates, domain name, JV type and status. You can also choose to list all the proposals you have sent or received without using any filters. 


JV Pro SUPPORT                                                      <Top>

If you need any further assistance, we are always eager to help you. Please send your questions to our support department by email: