Blog Link Generator Instructions


Here is the first tab you will see.

Although all of those options are pretty self explanatory, I will cover each in turn top to bottom, left to right.

1.) Use User/PassOnly -- If you select this option, then the program does not try Anonymous comments and uses only the User/Pass you provide in User/Pass tab. The default is to try the Anonymous login first and then fall back to User/Pass if provided.

2.) Ping Blog After Posting -- I suggest you select this. This option will, after you post, ping the blog you posted a comment to in order to get search engine spiders running to that blog... which means the spiders will find your backlinks much faster.


This is the screen you will see when you select the "keyword" tab...

This one is pretty clear as far as how to enter your keywords.... import them from a text file on your computer, or you get generate many keywords based on a single keyword, or type them in manually... Nothing to it.

This is however one of the most vital aspects of the entire setup...

The keywords that you enter in this section are used to find the blogs in the search engine and will be used in creating backlings explained in Messages tab.

In other words, what ever keywords you place in this screen should be the keywords that you want to rank well in the search engines with.



This is the screen you will see when you select the "keyword" tab...

Here is where you type in (or copy/paste) your custom comments.

This part is vital... don't just slam through here in a hap-hazard fashion. Take your time and get it right the first time so that you do not have to do it again.

1.) Comments -- These are custom comments. This would be a message that is posted in the comment section of a blog you are posting in.

The key here is to be general, yet relevant.

Here is an example comment that I actually use::


Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a <a href="">**KEYWORD**</a> site/blog. It pretty much covers ##KEYWORD## related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)


Ok, do you see what you have done here?.... You have included a backlink to your site, and you have used a targeted keyword, and you also wrapped the backlink into a sentence that made more than a single reference to  your general keyword industry, so you basically doubled the power of this backlink.

The example listed above is suitable for use as a comment or a sig file... so I saved this one using the "both" option.

Enter plenty of custom comments ... More is better, and a lot more is a lot better.

When you start posting to blogs it will randomly select comments for each blog.

Use the yellow buttons to automatically add **KEYWORD**

Or <a href="">**KEYWORD**</a>

Don't forget to manually change yourdomain to the correct link.


User/Pass OPTIONS::

This is the screen you will see when you select the "User/Pass" tab...

If you are going to use this feature, you will need to setup 1 or more accounts.

This feature basically has 2 reasons for existence...

1.) You are able to successfully post to more blogs when you "sign in" since that is's default setting.

2.) It's a really cool way to get even more pages indexed, and more actual people going to your pages.

This feature is optional...

Let's just say that you are marketing something that is somewhat controversial and you are an affiliate and don't really want this product tied to you (shame on you... you really shouldn't be selling it)...

Well, in a case such as this, you may choose to only post anonymously so that you retain as much privacy as possible.

If that is what you want to do, then just enter some bogus username/password pair into the system.

If you do not give any User/Pass pairs, then the program post Anonymously to the blogs.

Posting anonymously is certainly slower, but has it's practical uses.

Now on the other hand, if you want to maximize the number of posts you make, then you will want to enter valid user/pass credentials.

And if you don't want google to realize that some specific user/pass combo has been posting non-stop 24 hours per day for the last "X" days, it's a good idea to setup as many blogger accounts as possible and let the program ramdomly select a user/pass combo to post with.

Doing so will create the full illusion that these posts are being made by hand, thereby ensuring that they receive maximum credit in google's eyes.

and of course the side effect...

Most people are really excited to get a post on their page... I mean genuinely excited about it... so they reciprocate in a way.

Many times they will click on your signin name and be default will be taken to your profile page for that account.

By default your own blog is listed in that profile page. The visitor will then hop over to your blog to repay your visit.

and in my case, I use adsense on my blogs, and it is amazing how many people will click on the links they find there :-) ... cha-ching!

So, without even trying, I have a secondary passive income simply because I posts on their blog using Blog Link Generator.

I strongly recommend that you actually modify your profile page and list some other sites that you want these visitors to go to... It's just another effective way to maximize your bottom line results.


Also when you set up your own blogs- put some posts on them that link nack to our website so when people visit your blogs through the links you now have on other peoples blogs it will not be waster traffic.




There isn't a lot to say about this... If you have just created a project, you need to save it so that you don't have to do it again.

If you are saving a project.... name it and save it.

If you already have projects saved, click on the "load project" option and simply select which project you want to run.



Click the Start button and you go!!

As the program successfully posts to blogs for you, be sure to do a "right click" on the blog title and you'll have the option of going to the blog and seeing your post.

This concludes the Setup Tutorial / Help file Section.


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