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From: Jeremy Burns
Date: Friday - 9 AM
RE: Your Source Code Gold Mine License

Dear Friend,

These are Private Label resell rights, which means you can use the included Software Source Code file and make any changes to this product that you wish.

You may add your name as the author, add or subtract features to this software. Turn it into a totally new product. The possibilities are endless!

There are however some license terms that you must abide by when reselling this product.

You can see the full SCGoldMine v2 license terms at http://sourcecodegoldmine.com/v2/terms

There have been some changes on the v2 terms from past SourceCodeGoldMine.com sales.

The biggest change is you can no longer pass on Private Label Rights.  This means you may under NO circumstances resell or share this Source Code to this software with anyone.

The Source file is only for people that bought the SCGoldMine v2 package directly from SourceCodeGoldMine.com

You are welcome to make changes to the software with your copy of the source code file and resell the new software or rights and or master rights to any new compiled software in .exe format.

You just may not pass on the source code and PL rights to anyone else, they are for your use only.

You also need to include the z-READ-ME.html file with any resale or master resell rights packages you pass on.

Rather than looking for loop holes in our terms, which is always done by 2 or 3 less than honest people on every one of our sales, please spend your time marketing and making money with your new product on the Internet, and follow these terms like everyone else reselling this product.

Thank you for having the integrity to abide by these terms.

For the few that do not abide by these terms, we will unilaterally revoke your resell license if we catch you breaking these few rules, not to mention we will not think you are very nice.

Possible legal action may also follow to anyone that can not follow these few terms.

I have included the ready to download .exe file, and have also included the Source Code files for this software as your rights allow you to claim yourself as the creator, sell it as is, rebrand it, use the code to create a new software and sell the rights.. anything goes!

If you wish to rebrand the actual software to a name other than "Desktop Adsense Cash Machine" then please see the rebranding video by clicking here


If you have any questions about your resale rights or if you have any problems with this product please click here for support

To Your Success,



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