Important: Instructions For Setting Up Your "Article Content Spinner" Resell Website!

Tuesday 9:12 am

Dear Friend,

Thanks for ordering a resell rights license to The "Article Content Spinner".

You are welcome to use the website and resell this product as it is, however keep in mind that there are other resellers offering this same product!

To make your website stand out consider re-working the sales letter or have your own custom graphics created to make your site unique.

Getting Started

To re-brand the "Article Content Spinner" website open it in an HTML editor and change the pink text that says "your name" to what ever your name actually is, and change the text color from pink back to black.

If you do not have an HTML editor you can get a free one by Clicking Here

Also be sure to add your support email address or a link to your help desk if you have one to the download pages.

There are additional places to edit on each page such as testimonials and a box for you to add any bonus items you wish as well.

Be sure you edit all of the HOT PINK text, leaving any of this text as it is will give your new website an amateurish look, so be sure you do not miss any of the pink editing text!

Important: Do not forget to hook up the download and purchase buttons to your payment processor on the index.html page and then have your payment processor return your buyers to the proper thank you pages. for the software only

and for the rights package

Change yourdomain to what ever your domain name actually is for your website.

Leave all the files and page names as they are so the site and all the downloads will work properly.

Upload all files & folders to your website as follows

index.html - this file requires editing
reprint-rights.html - this file requires editing
rights-acs.html - this file requires editing
thanks-acs.html - this file requires editing

The ArticleContentSpinner.exe is for your software buyers and the rights ZIP file is for your customers that purchased the reprint rights.

Upload the file as is, your customer will be able to edit their new site just as you are now with no problems. There is no need for you to make any changes to this zip file before you upload it.

Resell License Terms: This product has been licensed to you to sell as your own.

The only Terms we are placing on this resell license are:

1. That you under no circumstances bundle or package "Article Content Spinner" with more that 1 additional product on any one website regardless of who created them.

This applies to you and everyone that you happen to sell these rights to on down the line.

2.This ebook may also never be given away for free or as a bonus to any other product.

3. This product may not be sold on eBay or any other internet auction site.  This just devalues the product for everyone when some joker starts selling it there for $5 so don't do it or your license will be immediately and unilaterally revoked, and we will seek legal damages against you.

4. The z-READ-ME.html instruction page that you are reading now must stay intact as-is and passed on to anyone that you sell a resell license to.  The only time you do not need to pass on this instruction page is to people that buy this product without rights.

This way there is never any question that everyone selling this product is well aware of these terms and will not find it as a surprise when we take legal action against them if they break these terms.

That's it- 3 simple things, please do not break the rules and ruin the fun and profit potential for everyone else, not to mention risk having us and the other resellers frown upon you publicly in the private resellers forum.

Bonus Graphics Sets!-

We have included 3 different colored versions of the included graphics.

This will help your website stand out from your competitors as everyone will not be using the same graphics set.

To use a different set then the default set just rename the "images" folder to "images1" and rename one of the other image folders which are currently "images2" and "images3" to just plain old "images" as the original images file was named.

Now when you open your website pages you will see that they are now the color of the images in the new folder you have selected to use.

Need Support?

Best of luck!

P.S. Get your resellers website up on the internet ASAP!

P.S.S. You can't make any money if you don't Take Action

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