Important: Intructions For Setting Up Your "Google Site Map Maker" Website!

Tuesday 9:12 am

Dear Friend,

Thanks for ordering the resell rights to "Google Site Map Maker".

To re-brand the Google Site Map Maker web site open it in an HTML editor and change the pink text that says "your name" to what ever your name actually is.

If you do not have an HTML editor you can get a free one be Clicking Here

Also add your support email address to the download pages.

There are also some places to edit on each page such as testimonials and a box for you to add any bonus items you wish as well.

Be sure you edit all of the HOT PINK text, leaving any of this test as it is will give your new web site an amateurish look, so be sure you do not miss any of the pink editing text!

Important: Do not forget to hook up the download and purchase buttons to your payment processor on the index.htm page and then have your payment processor return your buyers to the proper thank you pages. for the software only

and for the rights package

Change yourdomain to what ever your domain name actually is for your web site.

Leave all the files and page names as they are so the site and all the downloads will work properly.

Upload all files & folders to your web site as follows

index.htm - this file requires editing
reprint-rights.htm - this file requires editing
rights-thanksGSM.htm - this file requires editing
thanksGSM.htm - this file requires editing

The is for your direct software buyers buyers and the file is for your customers that purchased the reprint rights.

Upload the file as is and your customer will be able to edit their new site just as you are now with no problems. There is no need for you to make any changes to this zip file before you upload it.

I have included the ready to download, and have also included the source files for this software as your rights allow you to claim yourself as the author, use this code to make a new product sell the rights.. anything goes! Its yours to sell in any way you wish!

If you wish to rebrand the actual software to a name other then Google Site Map Maker then please see the rebranding video by clicking here

Best of luck!

P.S. Get your resellers web site up on the internet ASAP!

P.S.S. You can't make any money if you don't Take Action

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