No More Grey Screeens!

"No More Grey Screens" is an easy PHP solution that allows you to replace the grey windows displayed when a user tries to access a password protected area, like this one:

...with a friendly login screen, like this one:

The script it super easy to be used in situations where the authentication is controlled by .htaccess (Apache authorization)

You can use the solution even with folders that are password protected by cPanel, or any other scripts like

All you have to do is to upload some files, rename .htaccess to .htacess_old, run the script, and that's it! Click here for instructions if you have already ordered the script.

That's it!

Why do you NEED it?

Mainly for 2 reasons:

  • Your members will be able to access your members' area easier.

  • But most importantly: Without the "No More Grey Screens" script you're LOSING money...


Because you cannot monetize the login page of your members' area.
Think about it...

That login page is one of the most visited pages on your server.

Without the "No More Grey Screens" your members just use their codes and login.

With the "No More Grey Screens" your members can also:

  • Read any news you may include on that page.

  • Click on any banner you may include on that page.

  • Buy any other product you offer to your members!

Stop Losing Money!
Get the "No More Grey Screens" solution today!

No More Grey Screeens!


  • PHP running on your server

  • Zend Optimizer 2006022801 or higher

If you are not sure about the requirements check it with your hosting account.


Q. Who created that script?
A. John Delavera is the creator of the script and YOUR NAME HERE is an authorized reseller.

Q. What are the rights I get for this script?
A. You get personal rights only.

Q. Can I use the script on multiple servers?
A. Yes you can install the script inside any protected area you want.

Q. Do I have to change the index page inside the protected area?
A. No. You just have to upload some files inside the protected area.
Click here for instructions.

Q. Can I integrate it with my layout?
A. Yes you can include any HTML code you want inside the login page.

Q. Should the codes of my existing users be deleted?
A. Of course not. Nothing is deleted.

Q. Do my customers have to change they login?
A. No. Your customers will just see the login form instead of the grey screen. They will continue to use their codes and insert them to the login form instead of inserting them to the grey window. 

Q. Can I remove the link to displayed to the form?
A. No you cannot, but you can replace it with your own link. Read below.

Q. How can I customize the text and the link displayed in the login form?
A. You can include your own text and link for an one time fee. Check the options below.


All orders are accompanied by a 30-day guarantee.


You will get all updates of the script at no charge in the future once you subscribe with the notification list. Instructions are offered upon the completion of your order.

Bonus #1: Membership site creator version 3

You also get "Instant Membership Creator" as a bonus - with master resale rights.


Instant Membership Site Creator - Version 3

Click here to see your site and read more information.


"Instant Membership Creator"  is an easy to use tool to create your own Password Protected Membership site.  You can create a membership website in less than 60 Seconds.


"No More Grey Screens" will allow you to offer friendly login pages to the membership areas you will create through the "Instant Membership Creator."


With the "Instant Membership Creator" and the "No More Grey Screens" script you have the perfect solution for running a membership site in a shoe-string budget!


Bonus #2: 120 articles with private label and master resale rights


You will also get 120 articles you can use in any way you want. Below you can find the categories of the niches related to the articles. You get 10 articles of approximately 250 words each for each category.

  1. Family reunions

  2. Fly Fishing

  3. Gardening

  4. Home cinema

  5. Home gym

  6. Mobile phones

  7. Dating tips

  8. Headphones

  9. Leads

  10. Mortgage

  11. Online Furniture

  12. Pilates

You can use the articles for creating your own niche membership sites. You can also master resell the articles, sell them at any price you want, include them as a Bonus to your own products, package them with other products and sell them through 1 price, etc. You can do virtually anything you want with them apart from selling the private label rights.

How to order

Order Option 1 for $27
You get the "No More Grey Screens"
with the default link displayed
and also ALL Bonuses

Click the order button below to order the version that includes the default link.

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Order Option 2 for $47
You get the "No More Grey Screens"
with your customized link displayed
and also ALL Bonuses

Click the order button below to order a version customized by your own text and link displayed to the login form.

Attention: Your order will be fulfilled by The Internet Company, LLC - the owner of the script. For any help related to your order please use the company's helpdesk at

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Terms and conditions of use

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No More Grey Screeens!