Important: Instructions For Setting Up Your "Note Pops Membership Site" Resell Website!

Tuesday 9:12 am

Dear Friend,

Thanks for ordering a resell rights license to The "Note Pops Membership Site".

The actual script install instruction are towards the bottom of this page put please read the rest 1st.

You are welcome to use the website as a membership site and resell this script as it is to other resellers, however keep in mind that there are other resellers offering this same product!

To make your website stand out consider re-working the sales letter or have your own custom graphics created to make your site unique.

Getting Started

To re-brand the "Note Pops Membership Site" website the pages listed below in an HTML editor and change the pink text that says "your name" to what ever your name actually is, and change the text color from pink back to black.

If you do not have an HTML editor you can get a free one by Clicking Here

Also be sure to add your support email address or a link to your help desk if you have one to the download pages.

There are additional places to edit on each page such as testimonials and a box for you to add any bonus items you wish as well.

Be sure you edit all of the HOT PINK text, leaving any of this text as it is will give your new website an amateurish look, so be sure you do not miss any of the pink editing text!

Important: Do not forget to hook up the download and purchase buttons to your payment processor on the index.html the order button is already connected to the script just add your paypal address in the admin which you will see later below.

On the rrprint-rights.html you will need to add your own PayPal link then have PayPal return your buyers to the proper thank you pages. for the rights package

Change yourdomain to what ever your domain name actually is for your website.

Leave all the files and page names as they are so the site and all the downloads will work properly.

Upload all files & folders to your website as follows

index.html - this file requires editing
reprint-rights.html - this file requires editing
rights-nps.html - this file requires editing
np- this is the folder with the script see below for details on how to set it up!

Resell License Terms: This product has been licensed to you to sell as your own. This means that you can add your name as the author to the site, and sell memberships at any term and price you wish.

The only Terms we are placing on this resell license are:

1. That you under no circumstances bundle or package "Note Pops Membership Site" with more that 2 additional products regardless of who created them. This applies to you and everyone that you happen to sell these rights to on down the line.

2. This product may not be sold on eBay or any other internet auction site.  This just devalues the product for everyone when some joker starts selling it there for $5 so don't do it or your license will be immediately and unilaterally revoked, and we will see legal damages against you.

3. The instruction page that you are reading now must stay intact as-is and passed on to anyone that you sell a resell license to.  The only time you do not need to pass on this instruction page is to people that buy this product without rights.

This way there is never any question that everyone selling this product is well aware of these terms and will not find it as a surprise when we take legal action against them if they break these terms.

That's it- 3 simple things, please do not break the rules and ruin the fun and profit potential for everyone else, not to mention risk having us and the other resellers frown upon you publicly in the private resellers forum.

Bonus Graphics Sets!-

We have included 3 different colored versions of the included graphics.

This will help your website stand out from your competitors as everyone will not be using the same graphics set.

To use a different set then the default set just rename the "images" folder to "images1" and rename one of the other image folders which are currently "images2" and "images3" to just plain old "images" as the original images file was named.

Now when you open your website pages you will see that they are now the color of the images in the new folder you have selected to use.

To change the graphics in the members site of the script you will need to add your new images to the np/images  and np/admin/images folders in place of the other branding images that are in there.

New Private Resellers Forum

If you have questions on setting up your resell site join our new private resellers forum where you can get technical and marketing help from other resellers. 

You can browse past topics, pick up great marketing tips, plus there will be a special rights offer section where you can sell rights to your own products. There will also be a free for all advertising section at well.

Power user tip: Create new graphics or write new sales letters for these resell rights packages and sell them to the other users in this forum!

Sign up now at

Best of luck!

P.S. Get your resellers website up on the internet ASAP!

P.S.S. You can't make any money if you don't Take Action

Script Install Instructions Install Instructions

Create a database for Note Pops and take note of the user name and password
you select as you will need it soon.

Be sure you add the user you created to the database you created.


Upload your Note Pops website in the same file structure as it
now is when you received it.

Before installation please make sure the file's
"fonts" and "admin/config_inc.php" have been set
with write permissions of 777.

You can always make change's to the parameters that you enter on this install page later by editing

If you attempt this install once but have any errors on the install form you will need to delete all database tables in PHP myadmin before attempting a 2nd install.

The Web site URL" option on the install.php form must be entered correctly for your site to work properly. example: because this is where the Note Pops script files are installed "do not add trailing slash/"

To start install process go to

Fill in the form here is an example--

Host Name: is usually: localhost
Database Name: your_dbname
User Name: your_username
Password: yourpass

Web site Configuration:
Web site URL:
Site Name: Note Pops
Web Pages Title: Note Pops The New Way To Get Attention

Click Install Button!


Login to admin with user name now displayed on screen.

You will see a list of admin options.

The 1st thing you should do is go to

Admin Manager

Reset your password in this section


Next go to

Website Configuration

In this section you will need to setup your

join | This is where you edit the email your users will see on signup. You will want to add your
users login url in this message which will be

forgot | This is where you edit your users lost password information

from_name | Edit YourName for all outgoing email messages

from_email | Edit Email address for all outgoing email

forgot_subject | Edit This is the email subject line for forgotten password emails

join_subject | Edit This is the subject line for your welcome email

paypal_email | Edit This is your paypal address so peopel can subscribe to your site.

subs_email | Edit This is where you want your users signup notices sent, either you or your

subs_email_format | This will add your users signup information to your subs_email


Banners Adding New Note Pop Images!

For adding new Note Pop images to your site - this is for experienced users only

To add banners create a gif image 114x110 and upload to np/images/banners

In banners section in admin click ad new and create a name for your banner, enter
the thumb path such as images/banners/bandaid.gif is the path for the current bandaid thumb that is now in the system

Select the category id number, this will determine which section this banner will be in. You can see the category section for examples and to get the current category id numbers.

This text direction can later be edited in "Banners" main section this will angle the text incase
your Note Pop image is angled such as the Polaroid image that came with this site.

in top_margin enter 0 This will determine where banner will display in user sample area- you may  need to adjust this later depending on the image you have created. If you leave this blank it will  cause an error when you create the banner.

As an example of the Top margin feature you can log into the members area and create a banner with the "Yellow Post Note Pop" notice in the sample section below how low it is over the sample site? This positioning is controlled by the top_margin in your banner setup.

Click save to save your new Note Pop Banner.

Go into members area and make sure your thumb images is in the proper category and also that is not showing up as a red x. If it is a red x then you have entered an incorrect path to it.

===> Now you need to go back to banner main page and determine the number the system gave to the new note pop banner.

No you need to take your main image for you banner and slice it into 5 parts - you can see examples in the /np/images/raw folder

Format your new popup images like these and name the pieces

Images MUST be in the .png format so the site can write to the.


The above examples are assuming the newly created note pop banner in admin was number 34

Slice them so the center image is where the text will be displayed.

The images you add to make your site unique are what will make it sell! So start adding images to make your Note Pops site better then all any of the others!

Congratulations you just added your 1st new Note Pop style!



This creates a new category in the members area for new style Pop Notes


Font Config / Management

To add a new font click add new font button. Enter the font name and browse to the font on your PC and click upload.

When you set up your site you must have set the "fonts" folder permissions to 777 for this to work properly.

The site only came loaded with 2 fonts. Find some handwriting style fonts on the web to make your site unique!

Members Management

You can edit your member data in this section


Member's Overview / Analysis

In this section you can see your members, their stats and you may click their name to get more detailed user data, or click on the Number of Note Pops used to view their actual Note Pop content. This is a good way to be sure the users are not creating popups that may be against any terms you may set.


Membership Config

This is where you determine your membership terms such as prices, billing periods, and number of Note Pops included.

You may add monthly levels at different prices that include more or less not pops!

See the packages already setup for examples.



This displays all members Note Pop poups in one area so you can scan for content.


Visitor Stats

This is your visitor stats area.


To login to the Note Pops admin center go to

default password is

You can later change this in the admin area

There is a member test account set up for you on install

user- neo
pass- neo

login to that here

User signup


Links for your reference

contains site configuration as created by the installer or you may edit this manually.

Payment Order System:
will return to

Admin Login

Default login is admin / admin

User Login

Payment Order System:
will return to 

If you set up paypal IPN all account setup will be automatic!

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