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Dear Friend,

Would you like to spend 10 minutes making a web site and then sell it to someone for $497?

How many times would you rinse and repeat that if you could?

And what if you didn't need any web design or coding skills?

These Two Ordinary Chaps Have Done Exactly That Many Times 
and Recenty Held a Live Webinar That Revealed All.  
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BOLD PROMISE: If you attend this webinar, by the end of it we guarantee that you will be able to take less than $20 and less than 15 minutes of your time and create a site just like the one Andysold for $497!

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On this one of a kind session Andy and Guy reveal...

                     Multiple, closely guarded secret methods for building in demand starter sites in 15 minutes flat that you can flip right away for profit.

                     Real life case studies - go inside flips these two have done and see what worked, how and why!

                     The secret tools you can use to make sure you make a winning site for fast flipping.

                     How to decide which "options" to pick when listing on Flippa.  This can make the difference between a $50 flip and a $400 flip.

                     How to incorporated bonuses into your Flippa listings that will make people hungry to win and almost force them to hit the Buy It Now button and pay you top dollar.

                     How to deliver the flipped site to the new owner so it is virtually zero work for you.  No having to transfer files to their 2nd rate hosting, no need to know anything technical - this is the genius that only comes from EXPERIENCE on Flippa.

                     What Domain extensions sell well on Flippa (apart from the obvious)- this will surprise and shock you!  Let's just say other flipping courses are WRONG!  And it's proved right here.

                     Short auction listing strategies that get you paid fast without compromising on the final selling price.  Which do you prefer, getting paid in 3 days or waiting 30 days?  Here's how to always keep that time at it's shortest.

                     How to get domains for bottom dollar that are prime for putting quick sites onto for flipping.

                     Where to get thousands of hits you can offer as a valuable bonus that only cost you a few measly bucks.

                     How to drive hundreds or thousands members into a member site for free and then flip that site for the big bucks.

                     And much, much more...

Sit in on the full Q & A Too!

To say Andy and Guy gave up the whole farm on this webinar would be an understatement.  It was originally going to be a one hour presentation but they gave away so much that they ended up having to do it as two webinars - and you get access to both!

You also get to see the questions and answers section where even more killer information was extracted from the brains of these two experienced Flippa sellers.

And you get the benefit of not one but TWO experienced Flippa sellers with over $70,000 between them in transactions  and both with a perfect 100% satisfaction rating on Flippa.

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You get lifetime access to the members area where both replays are available for you to watch at your own pace.  

Need a refresher, no problem - just log back in and check out the part you want to watch again!

If all you got was access to the replays this would be a great deal.  But when you grab this deal right now you get...

                     Both hour long webinar sessions.  Nothing is left uncovered and this goes WAY beyond just High Speed Flips.  Some have said it's the best Flippa training they've ever been on.

                     A copy of the Mind Map used in the presentation with all the links, shortcuts and references in it.

                     Andy's template for a site you can make in 15 minutes and he has successfully sold the resulting sites for $97 - $497 (as demonstrated in the webinar).


100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

There Are No One Time Offers!


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There Are No One Time Offers!