"Easily Create Auction Listing Templates PROVEN To Get Results..."

Auction Template Creator

What This Amazing Software Does:

This software will walk you through the process of creating a high quality auction listing template file -- step by step. Simply select a theme, fill in a few blanks, check over your details and let the Auction Template Creator software do the rest for you. Repeat the simple process for as many auction listings as you need to create.

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PLEASE NOTE: Auction Template Creator is a Windows application which will run on almost
any version of Windows, or on a Mac running under Parallels or a similar Windows emulator.

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Licensing Rights & Details

  • [YES] May Add Your Name To Existing Salespage
  • [YES] May Sell Personal Use Rights ($9.95 or more)
  • [YES] May Sell Basic Resale Rights ($14.95 or more)
  • [YES] May Sell Master Resale Rights ($19.95 or more)
  • [YES] May Give Away Personal Use Rights via Opt-In Subscription
  • [YES] May Add Personal Use Rights To Free Membership Sites
  • [YES] May Add Basic Resale Rights To Paid Membership Sites
  • [YES] May Bundle Personal Use Rights With Up To 5 Additional Products
  • [NO] May NOT Claim Ownership/Copyright
  • [NO] May NOT Attempt to De/Re-compile Software
  • [NO] May NOT Give Away Basic or Master Resale Rights
  • [NO] May NOT Sell/Give Away on Auction Sites (i.e. eBay, etc.)
  • [NO] May NOT Sell/Give Away on Warrior Forum, Tradebit or Digital Point

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