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WP SharePoint

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How to Install

Installing WP SharePoint is very simple. It installs just like any other plugin in the WordPress system.

  1. Upload the wp-sharepoint folder to your plugin directory or use the WordPress plugin upload tool to install the plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go to the WP SharePoint settings page to make any changes you wish to make to the social APIs
  4. You are ready to rock!

How to Use Shortcode

Using the WP SharePoint shortcode is just as easy as the install! It comes with a high powered tinyMCE toolbar plugin that allows you to insert fully customized social buttons for the service of your choice.

To get started generating your shortcode, simply click the WP SharePoint icon in the toolbar (under visual mode.) It will appear on any post / page / post type editor in your WordPress admin.

The shortcode generator will then popup and allow you to configure a button. Simply select the tab for the service you wish to make a button for, configure your button, and click insert. Its that easy!

You can customize everything from the button type, layount, counter displays, color schemes and more!

How to Use Function

The template tag is simple to use as well. It also packs the same amount of customizing into to an easy to use tag. All of the buttons options can be called independently, in any order, in a simple array. 

Here are the options you can use with the wpsp_button(); template tag.

Note: When using the template tag, you can leave the "url" option empty and WP SharePoint will use the current post / page URL within the button.

Facebook Specific Options

Note: Only the Like Button and Like + Share Combo buttons work with the showfaces options as Facebook does not display them with the stand alone share button.

Google Specific Options

Twitter Specific Options

LinkedIn Specific Options

AddThis Specific Options

YouTube Specific Options

Button Types / IDs

  1. Like Button Only
  2. Like Button + Send Button Combo
  3. Facebook Send Button Only
  4. Google+ (Plus) Button
  5. Tweet Button
  6. LinkedIn Share Button
  7. Facebook Subscribe Button
  8. AddThis Button
  9. YouTube Embed Code

Template Tag Examples

Here are some examples of how to generate buttons. For instance you could use these tags to generate a button on each post page by adding the template_tag to your single.php theme file. Or edit index.php to display buttons under each post on your homepage automatically.