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  • How XXXXX XXXXX added one paragraph to his sales letter that added $60 million to his bank account (this is one of the most ripped off paragraphs in direct mail!)
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Lemme tell you, this is stuff you're not going to learn in ANY of those fancy "ivory tower" institutions in the country. You see, those "experts" who teach those marketing classes don't know squat about how to make the big money in direct response marketing!

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Let's put it this way: Not NEARLY as much as I should!

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For the price I paid to draw the closest guarded secrets out of this guy, I was going to charge at least $197...which is the going rate for internet marketing products these days.

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P.S. This audio is a perfect introduction to profitable offline marketing tactics you can implement in your online business. The "big guns" that rake in the most profits are ALWAYS the ones who throw offline marketing in the mix. And nobody teaches this stuff ANY better than this guy!