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Brand New for 2008-Just Released!

Dear Friend,

If you are like most new Internet Marketer, you are probably frustrated over all the technical stuff involved in promoting your online business and turning a profit.

You might have put all your efforts into learning how to create a web site, before realizing that there are so many other issues to think about.

Fortunately, EnthWave Media has packaged 30+ eBooks and
Software titles that are specifically designed to help
you address these issues.

Today I'd like to tell you about The Super Pack II, a range of easy to use reference guides and software, designed to save you time and effort, help increase your profits and help you avoid problems with online profits and promotions.

This quality collection of ebooks and software is the result of 1000's of dollars in professional research and software development.

You'd expect to pay a lot for resourses like this, but you can now get your hands on this entire valuable collection for a fraction of it's true cost and value.

Let's take a look at the details of some of these quality Reference Materials and Software Titles

(If you don't have time, just scroll down to the bottom of this page to get your hands on them right now!)

New For 2008 - Viral Zip Software

New For 2008 - Squeeze Page Maker Software

Selling Products Online

An Introduction to Internet Marketing

Starting Your Own Internet Business

Promoting Your Online Business On A Budget

The Newbies Guide To Web Design
The Beginners Guide To Adsense
The Remaining Super Pack II Titles


*Affiliate Marketing Tips And Strategies

*High Profit Headlines

*Search Engine Optimization Report

*Social Bookmarking Quick Start Guide

Search Engine Optimization Tips
*Build a list now!

*Pet Medical Recorder

*Advertising Tips for Success

*Business Tips Collection

*How to pick your Niche

*Search engine optimization

*Traffic Strategies for success
*Wireless Networking
*Writing Articles That Sell
*Understanding PC Hardware

*Party Planning Software

*Beginners Guide To Niche Marketing

*Build Your Own Mailing List

*Home Business Guide

*List Building Power Course

*Popcorn Marketing
*Boost your website traffic

Bonus: Full Master Distribution Rights On The Whole Collection
When you download this collection, not only do you get to use all these amazing tools yourself, but you also get full master distribution rights included free.

This allows you to sell the collection yourself and keep all the money.

Two copies of this mini-site are included to help you distribute it. One mini-site is for selling the package and the second mini-site is for promoting your mailing list by giving away the package.

You only need to make one sale to recover your investment.

Alternatively you can sell the individual tools if you prefer, give them away as incentives for people to subscribe to your newsletter, or bundle them as bonuses with other products.

Each of these quality tools can save you time and effort, help increase your profits, or help you avoid serious problems with your web site.

Bought elsewhere, this sort of quality software could cost you a significant amount of money.
(insert your price here)
We recommend that you sell it for at least $27.00 


Software Requirements: Super Pack II requires Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME.
Internet connection required to access some products and updates.

Disclaimers: Although almost all webmasters and marketers see improved results from using these materials. EnthWave Media cannot guarantee that your sales will increase by using these products and software. Although owning the master distribution rights to this collection gives you the opportunity to make money, EnthWave Media nor anyone else can guarantee that you will.